Monthly CME of Psoriasis Awareness Club

Seminar on : A Decade of Global Action Since The World Health Assembly Resolution on Psoriasis - Our Achievement Action.

Seminar on Psoriasis Skill Development Programme for Primary Healthcare Personnel

Celebration of World Patients Safety Day - 2023

Memorandum of understanding ( MOU) signing event for project partnership Between synovia Pharma plc & Psoriasis Awareness Club, Bangladesh

Monthly CME of Psoriasis Awareness Club

Topics: Severe Plaque Psoriasis with systemic lupus erythematosus with comorbidities
Date: 19.03.24

Monthly CME of Psoriasis Awareness Club

Topics: Non melanoma skin cancer.
Date 20.02.24

World Psoriasis Day 2023

World Psoriasis Day 2022, Rally and Scientific Seminar

3rd International Conference On Psoriasis

1st International Seminar on Psoriasis

2nd International Seminar on Psoriasis

CME Assesment & management of Psoriasis

CME Updates on Assesment & management of psoriasis

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Rally - 2019

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